It is an honor to have Mrs. Switlik at C.I.S. providing speech and language services.
2 days ago, Melanie Rucker
CIS (4-8) Summer School will be doing their rocket launch at the new soccer fields starting at 8:30 tomorrow morning (6/21). Feel free to enjoy the show if you are able.
3 days ago, Derek Lannigan
rocket launch
Due to Parkview being without air conditioning until later this weekend, the school district has made the decision to shorten the school day for both Parkview and CIS by two hours on Friday 6/21. This decision was made with the best interest of the students and staff in mind. The school day will start as usual at 7:45 and release time will be at 12:30. This will NOT affect student attendance money. The YMCA has already been contacted and is ready to receive those students at the earlier time. If you have other child care arrangements, please contact your providers to make plans accordingly. Dismissal times for today, 6/20 will remain the same as usual. Thank you, Dr. Lannigan
3 days ago, Derek Lannigan
Today features Mrs. Wolfe!
3 days ago, Melanie Rucker
C.I.S. presents Mrs. Gitthens!
4 days ago, Melanie Rucker
Let's give a shout out to the voice of C.I.S.,,Mrs. Morley!
5 days ago, Melanie Rucker
Welcome to Monday! Today we are introducing Mrs. Willette!
6 days ago, Melanie Rucker
C.I.S. introduces Mrs. Ashlock!
9 days ago, Melanie Rucker
Attention Summer School Parents: Tomorrow 6/14 is our water play day. Please have your student(s) wear their swimsuits under their regular clothes when they come to school. They will also need to bring a towel and a change of underwear for when we are finished playing the water games. Please have your student(s) wear shoes that are easy to slide on and off.
10 days ago, Derek Lannigan
Water Play Day
Today C.I.S. introduces you to Mrs. Hamilton!
10 days ago, Melanie Rucker
C.I.S. presents Mrs. Davidson!
11 days ago, Melanie Rucker
Today's C.I.S. Staff Spotlight is Mrs. Fahrmeier!
12 days ago, Melanie Rucker
We hope our C.I.S. families are enjoying the wonderful summer days. There will be a C.I.S. staff member in the spotlight each day via our Facebook page and Live Feed on the website. Today's spotlight is Mrs. Janovec!
13 days ago, Melanie Rucker
Janovec spotlight
Attention 4-8 Summer school parents: Today we are going to Hartell conservation area for our fishing trip. Please make sure that your student wears tennis shoes, and sunscreen. We will be leaving around 8am and returning around noon. We will be serving turkey sandwiches for lunch at the conservation area. If you are sending a lunch with them, please pack it in containers that can be thrown away once we are done eating.
16 days ago, Derek Lannigan
Attention 4-8 Summer School Parents: This Friday, June 7th we will be taking the 4th-8th graders to Hartell Conservation area for a fishing trip.  We will be departing for Hartell around 8:10 and returning around noon.  Volunteers are always welcome and needed to help retie and bait hooks.  If you are interested in helping with this event, please contact the CIS office 816-882-1046.  All volunteers need to bring their ID's to the office to be cleared through the raptor system prior to going to the conservation area.  Students will be served lunch out at the conservation area prior to returning to school (Menu Item TBD).  If your student plans to bring their lunch, please pack it in disposable containers and bags so we throw it all away once we are finished eating.  Also, please have your students wear tennis shoes for walking on gravel and put on sunscreen prior to coming to school.  
19 days ago, Derek Lannigan
Therapy resources are available for your family. Please reach out for more information.
24 days ago, Angie Ormsby
social worker
Summer School Lunch/Breakfast Menu
25 days ago, Derek Lannigan
For students entering grades 4-8, open house will be held from 6-7pm. 4-8 summer school will be held at CIS this year. This is a great opportunity to check transportation, meet your summer school teacher, and see where your summer school classroom is located. We look forward to seeing you all there.
26 days ago, Derek Lannigan
C.I.S. attendance prize winners! Students received tickets for their attendance percentage. They put their tickets in buckets for the prizes they wanted to win. These lucky students had their tickets drawn! Thank you to the parents and children for your continued dedication to school! #DrafonNation
about 1 month ago, Melanie Rucker
Here we are with many of the clothes you have purchased once upon a time. Let us know if you recognize any of them. #DragonNation
about 1 month ago, Melanie Rucker
lost and found
list and found
lost and found