Snack Cart Day with Maddox

Picture Retakes are scheduled for TOMORROW. 

First quarter ends TOMORROW!!!!  Wow! I can’t believe we are already done with the first 9 weeks of school!!!

We will take part in 3 emergency drills during the month of October. A full evacuation fire drill, an intruder drill, and our annual earthquake drill. We will post on social media following these drills so you can have a discussion with your student about these drills. 

Choice Board Packets will be sent home with your child on Monday. These are packets that will be used in the event of an Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) Day. These include temporary closures such as weather, contagious disease, power outage, etc. When the work is assigned, the student will know which assignment to complete. It will be due the next day school is in session. These same lessons are available online via google classroom, which your student has access to.  However, paper packets are also sent home to all CVMS students for your convenience. Please keep these in a safe place. 

Oct. 28: 


  • Student-led conferences from 1-8 pm

  • More details to come

Oct. 29: NO SCHOOL Fall Break