Dear Parents and Guardians;

Lately, it is nearly impossible to listen to the television, radio or internet and not be inundated with talk of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  There is so much information available about this virus that you may become worried, afraid and confused. 

While there are no known cases of the coronavirus around the Cameron area, I do want to share with you actions that we are currently taking, will be taking, and will continue to take to assure that all children in our district are safe.

Since there is no vaccine available for the coronavirus at this time, it is important that we focus on prevention.  As we await guidance from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) on specific strategies for schools, we encourage you to follow common sense strategies for preventing the spread of communicable diseases. 

While news of the coronavirus is concerning, it is important to point out that there are other respiratory viruses like influenza currently circulating in schools.  Fever, coughing and difficulty breathing are symptoms associated with all of these respiratory viruses.  Therefore, persons exhibiting these symptoms should not be assumed to have COVID-19.

Following are familiar, but practical suggestions for implementation.

Individual level

  • Practice social distancing when ill.
  • Keep children home who exhibit cold and flu-like symptoms.


  • Encourage your child to keep hands out of their mouths, eyes, etc.
  • Encourage all students to use anti-bacterial soap when washing hands.


  • Teacher will review hand washing techniques with students
  • Discourage the sharing of food or drinks
  • Continue to make sure hand sanitizers are filled and utilized
  • Continue use of the Clorox Electrostatic Sprayer
  • Will meet with Clinton County Health Department to keep updated 

Links for more Information

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