The Freshman class kicked off the homecoming week festivities with a win during the CHS Homecoming Hallway Decorating. The hallways were themed by year, and goes as follows: Freshmen: Pac man, Sophomores: Clue, Juniors: Candy Land, and Seniors: Monopoly. The Homecoming theme for this year is Let the Games Begin, and it involved many other game titles throughout the week, like Twister and even Jeopardy. 

     “I think the hallway turned out well, we could have added a bit more but still good. I believe it was a good theme that definitely required some unique thoughts. I got some of the posters on the ceiling and on the walls up. We also did some footprints. I really liked all of the paper cut outs. I think that Clue is sort of a hard game to decorate, but we pulled it off. Our strategy was to divide and conquer, making sure every part of the hallways had something. We would try to envision it in the hallway and see if we liked the idea. We had made the decorations beforehand, so it would take less time. Our goal for the end result was to just make a hallway everyone was happy with,” Sophomore Sam Smith said. 

     Sophomores included decorations like spray painted question marks. They added papers on the teachers rooms that symbolized the places in the game, like the kitchen or the ballroom. They even had Smith lay on the floor while students helped outline his body with tape to look like a crime scene. 

     “I thought the theme was cool. I liked how it wasn’t just board games. I worked on the Monopoly money and cards. I think the most challenging part was getting the pool noodles to stay on the wall. We all helped each other out. And we all pitched in ideas. We kinda had a game plan and just worked as we went. I would say this year was probably the most difficult compared to previous years, just because we are seniors and wanted our hallway to look the best. The true purpose of hallway decorating was to get students in the spirit and ready for homecoming,” Senior Cassie Holland said. 

     Seniors spent their time printing off the Monopoly money from the game and adding it to string to hang above the hallway. They included hand drawn pictures of the Monopoly man, and the policeman, who was compared to Student Resource Officer, Mr. Scott Myer with the saying “Get to Class”. As friendly competition, the Seniors made their own “jail cell” out of noodles that were painted black, and inside the cell was a symbol from every other class, including a gingerbread man, a magnifying glass and Pac Man. 

     “I think it went really good, actually. My favorite part was being able to work with friends and then winning the hallway competition. My favorite decoration was definitely the ghosts handing down from the ceiling. We all communicated as a team and listen to each other’s idea and just went right to work. I think having the hallways decorated got everyone in the grove to participate in hoco week and have fun with it,” Freshman Hollie Hedgpeth said.