Eckert Science

MAP update:

Student scores for the 2017-2018 MAP assessment should be available sometime in late November. When the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) releases the scores, these will be provided to you. Unfortunately, in the past five years, the assessment has changed four times. This creates a challenge for school districts and the public. More than likely, scores will reflect a drop. While this is not ideal, CVMS is using common formative assessments (CFA) during Enrichment/Response to Intervention (RtI) class, along with CFAs during core instruction to monitor student progress and provide needed focused interventions.

Final Reminder:

On November 1, there will be a presentation to parents at 6:30 pm at Goodrich Auditorium regarding human trafficking. Please remember the November 1 presentation is geared towards adults.  On November 2, there will be a student-friendly presentation called “Be Alert” at CIS, CVMS, and CHS. If you do not want your student to attend this age-appropriate presentation, please contact the front office at 816.882.1041. For more information, see Here is a youtube video with additional information.

Mrs. Eckert’s 8th Grade Science Experiment

The students were doing a Halloween experiment with dry ice. This was an enrichment to a previous lesson on energy transfer in changes of matter. Visit for additional pictures.