7th grade art mugs

There are some pretty cool pictures from 7th grade art class mug testing, 8th grade band performing at halftime, and conferences. Go to cvmsupdate.weebly.com to view them all.

We received some great feedback about conferences. The overwhelming majority was positive. Some parents told us this was the best year yet!!! One sixth grade parent shared with Mr. Fisher how powerful the experience was to her and her student. The feedback will be shared with the CVMS Student-Led Conference Team to determine how we can incorporate the suggestions for making the experience even better. As a reminder, if you would prefer to not have a student-led conference, this has always been an option. There is a place indicated on the sign-up form to make arrangements for a traditional conference setting.

Picture retakes are Friday, October 12.

One key aspect for being a Lead school with the Covey Foundation is that we value your input and perception.  Please click here to answer the questions on the Measurable Results Assessment (MRA) that will help us make CVMS even better.  The instructions say that it will take 20-30 minutes...I completed it in less than 5. We really value your feedback.  Please take the time to answer the questions honestly. Thank you!!!  If you took the survey at conferences, there is no need to take it again. Your time is appreciated!

PTSA sponsored an assembly today  regarding bullying. Visit IamCorey.com for details. Thank you, PTSA, for your generosity and planning the event.

Speaking of PTSA, Reflections projects due right around the corner. Questions? Contact Crystal Burnett at crystalburnett4@gmail.com. You also might find this YouTube video helpful.