CVMS Staff 2021

Sports pictures for grades 7 & 8 are after school on September 9. If you have questions about it, please email the school or the coach.

CVMS had Family Time on Tuesday! This is our first Family Time in two years! Family Time is part of how CVMS incorporates the Lead program.  This is a class that takes place every other week where students connect with others in different grade levels based on their interests. Family Times include outdoor games (ex: sports), outdoor activities (ex: fishing, hunting), Book Club, Brain Games, Coding, Newsletter, Kindness Club, Student Leadership, Library Team, etc. Tonight is a great opportunity for discussion of where your student has Family Time!!

Yearbooks are on sale for $30.  Students may purchase them in the CVMS office,or parents may buy them online If purchasing from the office please make checks payable to CVMS. Questions? Please contact Mrs. Cole at 816.882.1041 or

Need to do picture retakes? That will be on October 8 for any student who was absent on September 3 or wants to retake their school picture.