The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released district Annual Performance Reports (APR) publicly. The APR is a piece of the accountability system used for reviewing and accrediting public schools in the state of Missouri.

     If you have been accessing the report in the past, you will find some drastic changes to the presentation of the report. DESE no longer offers a score or percentage of points received per assessed standard. Instead, scores are reported visually, using color bands.

     The APR assesses five areas including 1) academic achievement, 2) subgroup achievement, 3) college and career readiness, 4) attendance rates, and 5) graduation rates. These areas are then assessed in three areas including Growth, Status, and Progress. A district’s Growth is measured by looking at individual student assessment scores. Student achievement levels are tracked over a three-year period and Growth is achieved by individual students making continual progress or an increase in achievement scores. Status measures our achievement levels based on a three-year average of the assessment results, and Progress measures annual improvement by comparing two year averages. Results in these areas are displayed using color bands within the 2019 APR Report. Orange is floor, yellow is approaching, green is on-track and blue is exceeding.

     We hope you will join us in celebrating the fact that the district Status is on-track or exceeding in all of the assessed standards. We also celebrate the fact that the Cameron District is above the state averages in all of the standards assessed within the APR. Although we are proud of these accomplishments, we know that we must continue to address individual student needs and strive to increase our growth and progress in all areas of the APR. The district APR can be found at Cameron R-I 2019 District APR. We welcome any questions you might have about the historical or continued progress reflected within our APR reports. Please feel free to contact me at 816-882-1068.


Laurie Mefford, Assistant Superintendent