Mock Intruder Drill

The Cameron R-1 School District will partner with Cameron Police Department and local emergency services to provide mock intruder and reunification training to its staff. The training will be held on August 18th at Cameron Veterans Middle School (CVMS) and Cameron Intermediate School (CIS). The district is sharing this information to avoid panic or confusion that may be caused by families unaware of the drill.  We ask that you avoid Park Avenue and the areas near the schools to avoid traffic issues or delays in your travels. The drills will be held in the morning and should conclude by noon. 

If you live near CIS or CVMS, please help us share this information with neighbors that do not have access to school emails. We want community members aware of the fact that the event is a drill and there is no need for alarm. If you have any questions regarding the training or the areas included in the drills, feel free to call the school at 816-882-1068.