The Cameron R-I School District continues to have a commitment to the safety of our students and staff. Each one of our schools has fire and emergency drills scheduled for students and staff throughout the school year. The district holds these drills during the school day and throughout the school year to ensure all students and staff learn/practice the actions to take in case of an emergency. School administrators, alongside of local emergency personnel, review the content of the school district safety plans before the start of each school year. Emergency Management Guides are posted in every classroom and frequently used areas throughout the school district. These collective efforts are meant to reduce the possibility of injury in the event an emergency situation should arise.  

On August 15th, 2018 in conjunction with the Cameron Police Department, Cameron Fire Department, Cameron Ambulance District, Cameron Regional Medical Center, and several local/state law enforcement agencies the school district will host two separate mock armed intruder drills for our faculty and staff. These drills will be very inclusive and will include numerous emergency vehicles, as well as numerous emergency response teams. These drills will be all-inclusive and as close to “real-life” as one can imagine. The first drill will be at Parkview Elementary and Cameron Intermediate School starting at 7:30 AM and then again at Cameron Veterans Middle School and Cameron High School starting at 12:00 PM. The school district wants you to be explicitly aware of the mock armed intruder training on the above day and times to dispel any and all rumors surrounding the events prior to and after the training occurs.

 If you should have any questions do not hesitate to contact the Cameron Police Department, Central Office, or any of our school buildings. Thank you and have a great rest of your summer.