The Cameron R-I  School District is accepting applications for a Administrative Assistant position in the Superintendent's office.  Duties are as follows:

Work under the direct supervision of the Superintendent of Schools, with specific duties assigned by the Superintendent. Work with all other members of the staff, both certificated and non-certificated. Handle delegated administrative details.

  • Responsible for outgoing correspondence from the Office of the Superintendent of Schools. Open Superintendent’s incoming mail and assist with follow-up.
  • Maintain the district's active and inactive personnel files. Responsible for collection and maintenance of pertinent administrative data on all new employees for the school system.
  • Update and publish the organizational chart.
  • Assist the Superintendent with setting the school calendar and maintaining the official calendar.
  • If appointed by the Board of Education, serve as Secretary to the Board of Education and assist the Superintendent as Custodian of Records with duties as per board policy. Track items for board action and prepare the board meeting agenda. Maintain the complete and up-to-date official copy of the Board of Education's policies. Prepare and distribute all school election notices and maintain election files.
  • Serve on and coordinate Staff Recognition Committee.
  • Maintain Superintendents Office inventory and collect inventories from buildings annually.
  • Assist in preparation and filing of reports as required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and published in the Annual Data Acquisition Calendar and Core Data and MOSIS Reference Manual. Serve as Core Data Coordinator. Maintain non-resident and tuition files and prepare billings for tuition payments.
  • Assist the Superintendent in letting bids and in preparing bid opening material.
  • Assist the Assistant Superintendent, Special Education Director, and Buildings & Grounds Supervisor as needed.
  • Work with auditors and building personnel on annual audit and provide follow-up as needed in assigned areas.
  • Cross train with other Central Office positions and assist with other Central Office positions as needed.
  • Become proficient with office software programs.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Other duties as assigned and/or prescribed by Cameron R-I School District policies and procedures.  

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