Dragon Excellence Award

The Board of Education recognized several recipients of the Dragon Excellence Award during the December meeting. This was the first time the award was offered and was given to those earning advanced degrees, all-state honors, Teacher of the Year, and the MSTA Unsung Hero Award.  Board president,  Dan Kercher, presented the honorees with a certificate and recognized them for their hard work and dedication. 

Avery McVicker - All-state Volleyball

Laura Janovec - MSTA Unsung Hero  Award and  Cameron R-1 Teacher of the Year 2020

Zach Black, Kayla Ellis, Megan Graeff, Jennie Huynh, Rachael Parkey, Sara Reno, Jaret Smith, Lauren Smith, and Zac Smith - Master's Degree

Ashley Conover, Jayson Erdman, Michelle Lodder, Angie Ormsby, and Keri Sedgwick- Education Specialist Degree

Tiffani Collins and Laurie Mefford - Doctoral Degree