Cameron High School kicked off the first few days of school for the 2019-2020 year with decorated hallways, a photo booth, and a dance routine performed by the teachers and staff. 

     “Everyone was really welcoming. It’s nice having upperclassman friends from events that I’m in. I think it went pretty smooth for the first day. Middle school was a preparation for everything, but it was completely different than I thought it would be. Being in the groups that I’m in, like band and HOSA, and being around my friends is something I really enjoy. I think my goals are to make more friends and keep a B average,” Freshman Jenna Seitz said. 

     Over the summer, Student Council came into the school and decorated the hallways, lunchroom, front office and more. Streamers were set around the ceilings of the hallways in black and gold coloring. Window chalk was written on the windows of the senior hallway and the office hallway with graduating years. The cafeteria windows also have streamers bordering them and calk on the windows saying things like “We Eatin’ Good”, which is a reference to a song that was popular over the summer, called “Eatin’ Good”. 

      “I think the first few days were kind of confusing as far as hallways and finding classes goes. I enjoy being able to bring my backpack into classrooms, but my classes are a longer distance away. I enjoy being able to see my friends more often because I have more classes with them. High school seems to be a lot better than middle school, so I don’t see anything to dislike about it. I really like basketball, so I am looking forward to getting to play my favorite sport with my friends. This year I would really like to pass english with an A,” Freshman Conner Zirfas said. 

     As school started, the students were directed to meet in the gymnasium to listen to the principals talk. In this assembly, Principal Mr. Brett Jones introduced all staff members with a slideshow of their favorite quote and a photo of them when they were younger. As each teacher was announced, they threw a t-shirt into the crowd of students. After every student was announced, the teachers performed a dance to the song, “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown. Mr. Jones was wearing cowboy boots, a blazer and a Coca Cola shirt, resembling Blanco Brown in the music video. 

     “I’m not a big fan of dancing, so I kind of just hid behind the screen,” History Teacher Mr. Kurt Dickkut said.

     “I thought the dance was a great way to start off the new year,” Science teacher and former Pom Coach Mrs. Mandy Klenk said. 

     “I think the decorations that Student Council put together makes the school a little more friendly. The hallway decorations were up until homecoming decorations, and decorations by the hallway were up through Christmas. I thought it was a great idea. I think the first few days went pretty well. I like working with highschoolers because they have a lot more going on than most adults; idealism, definitely. Their generally more upbeat, not burdened with life yet, and it’s pretty refreshing to be around people that have a passion for things. My goal for this year would be to have a good time, and hopefully spread a little knowledge along the way,” Mr. Dickkut said. 

Caption: From Left: Jeffree Robinson, Avery McVicker, and Braydon Raines posing in front of the photo booth created by the new art teacher, Ms. Brett Wilmes, during hallway decoration.