Cameron R-I School District Mock Intruder Drill Training Is Scheduled for August 14th 


     The Cameron R-I School District will again partner with Cameron Police Department and local emergency services to provide mock intruder training to our staff this year.  The training will be held August 14th and will involve surrounding law enforcement agencies and emergency responders.  Morning training will be held at Cameron Intermediate School, and will include staff from both Parkview and CIS.  The afternoon training will occur at Cameron Veterans Memorial School, and will include staff from CVMS and the high school. Since we strive to make the training as "real- to life" and applicable as possible, we want to share this information with the community to alleviate any concerns or misunderstandings of it being a real event. The training will include several emergency agencies, we ask that you avoid the buildings and the areas surrounding them on this date and times.

     The district will also be increasing our visitor safety this year with the implementation and use of Raptor Technologies. Raptor Technologies is an ID system that provides instant background checks by scanning a visitor’s ID prior to allowing student contact. All visitors entering the buildings will receive a printed visitor’s badge with his/her photograph and the area they will be visiting. Raptor Technologies and similar programs are used in several schools across Missouri and has proven effective in managing visitors entering during the school day.   The system will be used for anyone not possessing a district ID and will allow both students and staff the ability to recognize who has permission to be in the building. 

     We continue to have a commitment to the safety of our students and staff. The intruder training allows us to better meet the safety needs of our students and the community.  In addition to the mock intruder training, the district ensures each building has fire and emergency drills scheduled for students and staff throughout the school year. The district holds these drills during the school day to ensure all students and staff learn and practice the actions to take in case of an emergency. School administrators, alongside of local emergency personnel, review the content of the school district safety plans before the start of each school year and Emergency Management Guides are posted in every classroom. These collective efforts are meant to reduce the possibility of injury in the event of an emergency situation.

      As we draw closer to the beginning of the school year, the district is looking forward to our new technologies, and working with the local law enforcement and emergency response teams. The mock intruder training will offer both the school and the agencies opportunity to train together, and the use of Raptor Technologies provides one more layer of protection for our students and faculty.   If you should have any questions regarding the school’s safety training or technologies, please feel free to call the school at 816-882-1068.  We are looking forward to August 15th, the first day of school and the 2019-2020 School Year!