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Student Dress Code

The administration of the Cameron Public Schools has developed these regulations in accordance with Board of Education policy entitled "Student Dress". In accordance with this policy, the administration expects that students dress, grooming, and personal appearance will be subject to the following guidelines:

1. Dress, personal appearance, and grooming must be clean and comply with appropriate health, safety and sanitation standards.

2. Students dress, personal appearance, and grooming must not materially disrupt the educational process or constitute a threat to the health or safety of the students  or others.

3. All students must wear shoes, boots, or other acceptable footwear.

4. Metal chains can be used as weapons and, thus shall not be worn.

5. Caps, hats, hoods, bandannas, or other types of headgear or sunglasses shall not be worn to any school facility.

6. Printed words or pictures on clothing or accessories that advertise, connote, or suggest (including any innuendo alluding to such) drug, tobacco, and/or alcohol use shall not be worn.

7. Printed words or pictures on clothing or accessories that contain, connote, or suggest (including any innuendo alluding to such) sexual, violent, obscene or profane matters are prohibited.

8. Tattoos are part of students' personal appearance and shall be subject to these regulations.

9. Proper athletic attire shall be worn in physical education  class. Gym shoes should be worn for P.E. class and metal toe or heeltaps are not permitted.

10. Shirts at all times must have some sort of sleeve. Students will no longer be able to wear cutoff t-shirts or thin strap shirts. The sleeve must come past the shoulder. (This includes shirts worn during P.E.) Students shall not wear tank tops, low-cut muscle shirts, halter-tops, midriff- exposing clothing or bustiers. Similarly, students shall not wear mesh or transparent shirts that expose skin, clothing with tears or holes in inappropriate regions, or severely sagging or inappropriately tight shorts or pants. Also, clothing that exposing undergarments shall not be worn.

11. Shorts and skirts cannot be shorter than the length of your arms and hands down by your side.

12. Gang-related clothing and accessories shall not be worn (see Board Policy JFCE- secret organizations).

13. Additional dress regulations may be imposed upon students participating in certain extra curricular activities

14. Good grooming and personal appearance that does not materially distract from the educational environment or present a threat of harm to self or others shall be observed.

15. No pajama pants/tops, slippers and blankets allowed in school.

16. No holes above the knees in jeans/pants that allow skin to show through.

If student's clothes or accessories fail to comply with these regulations, the student will be required to change or cover the clothing or accessory at issue or to remove the accessory. A student may be sent home in order to do so. Similarly, a student whose personal appearance or grooming fails to comply with these regulations will be required to bring such personal appearance or grooming into compliance by covering, changing, or eliminating the problem. A student may be sent home to do so.

Administrators will be given big shirts to give students to wear if there is a disruption with the dress code in his/her class. If the student refuses to wear the shirt, it becomes insubordination and then becomes an office referral.