Bucket Fillers


Parkview Bucket Fillers

  • Bucket filling simply means that you do your best each day to show kindness and respect to the people around you.
  • Bucket filling can be small acts of kindness.
  • Bucket filling makes the people around us feel happy.
  • When we fill other’s buckets with kindness, we fill our own at the same time.
  • If you live the life of a bucket filler others will want to be your friend.
  • Showing others you are a bucket filler will inspire them to want to be a bucket filler too!

What is the bucket? The bucket represents your mental and emotional self.

Each teacher at Parkview will have a class bucket.  When the teacher or student observes someone filling a bucket, he/she will receive a token to place in the class bucket. At periodic times throughout the year, the class bucket will be dumped into a grade level bucket and then into a Parkview Bucket.


On a designated day each week, classroom teachers will select one student to recognize as an excellent bucket filler. This student will receive a lanyard with a shovel stating:  I am an excellent bucket filler!  The student will be allowed to wear the lanyard for the day.


Each teacher will select one student per month to be recognized by the office. The student will receive a prize and have their picture in the paper.

Students earning weekly and monthly recognition will earn tickets to use at the Parkview Carnival at the end of the school year.