Car Rider Safety Reminders
Car Rider Safety Reminders
Angie Ormsby
Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Car Rider Reminders

Student safety is our #1 priority at Parkview.  Please help us keep our children safe by following these guidelines:


  • When you approach the circle drive, please pull forward all the way to the third person in position for unloading.  That allows us to unload two more cars behind you while your child is being unloaded.

  • Children need to exit the car on the passenger side.  Please move your child’s car seat or booster seat to the passenger side of the vehicle as it will allow us to get your child out quicker and avoid your child having to exit on the wrong side and walk around.  This applies to both the circle drive and the south lot locations.

  • The circle drive and south lot are no-passing zones!  Please be patient and know that we are working to unload as fast as possible.  Our students are small and could easily dart in front of a car or truck undetected.  Please don’t pass!


  • Please park within the lines in the allotted parking spots in the south parking lot by the softball fields.  Remember that there are well over one hundred children making their way through the parking lot at the same time.  Please be careful as you pull out and drive away.

  • When your child gets to the front of the pickup line, please step all the way forward, show your car rider tag, take your child by the hand, and walk out of the pickup area.  We have significantly more car riders this year and need to make the process as safe and smooth as possible.  

We take your child’s safety very seriously.  Our pickup process is designed to keep your child safe at all times, but we need your help and cooperation.  Thank you so much!